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Beautiful City of Sri Lanka 'Nuwara Eliya'

Nuwara Eliya is only few hours journey from Colombo, this "Little England" of Sri lanka is my personally favourit from 7 cities I travelled in Sri lanka. Nuwara Eliya is situated between lusty green hills and having internal temperate Winter. IT is called Little England because Nuwara Eliya still reflects the influence of British rule. The red telephone boxes, rose gardens, colonial bungalows and the tea plantations adds up to the British city vibe of it. Famed as the City of Light, NuwaraEliya should definitely be a must to explore city in every person’s bucket list.

When you ask people about Sri Lanka’s ‘must go’ destinations, Nuwara Eliya is always top of peoples list.


Here’s the top things to see and do at Nuwara Eliya : -


1. Seetha Amman Kovil (ASHOK VATIKA):


It’s quite a special place as it’s the only Sita temple in Sri Lanka.

It is also quite a sacred spot. It is must visit as it has a lot of Mythological importance. It is believed that after Ravana captured Sita, she used to come here to pray to Rama regularly. Rama was her husband and also supposed to be one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Anyone who loves history will love this place.


2. Take a boat ride on Gregory Lake :


Right in the heart of NuwaraEliya, you have Gregory Lake. It’s a large open body of water that is easily visible from points all across NuwaraEliya. I Can spend full day near lake by watching activities and beauty of nature in such a cold weather.The cool air is lovely on the water and the sights are unbeatable.

Activities to do at Lake Gregory...

1.There is a calm park next to it with walkways and benches to rest on.

2.There are horses roaming which are offered for rides, plus for a few hundred rupees

3.Tourists can take a 20-minute speedboat ride on the lake. can also hire a rowing boat, Swan paddle boat or a water scooter to explore the scenic lake.

5.walk around whole sections of the lake, which is something we got to do whilst there. 


3. Nuwara Eliya Post Office :



It’s one of the oldest post offices in the country.

the colonial style Post Office Built in 1894. 

NuwaraEliya Post Office is one of the antique buildings in the city and is a must visit place for old architecture lover.

You can also see many red telephone boxes around the city which shows the British city reflection. 


4. Visit  delicious red berry farm the Strawberry farm :


Nuwara Eliya's visit is incomplete without a visiting and chewing lots of strawberry. It becomes one of the best places in NuwaraEliya during the strawberry season.Strawberries love colder weather and NuwaraEliya is perfect for them. Eat them off the plants or in the cafe with cream, condensed milk or drink in a juice. Strawberries directly from the field to your plate.

5. Lover’s Leap Waterfall :

It’s a very short drive from the centre of town and is one of the nicest waterfalls in the entire country.

Just outside the beautiful colonial town of Nuwara Eliya you will find Lover’s Leap Waterfall

Lover’s Leap Waterfall is a short tuk tuk ride away from the main town, opposite Pedro Tea Estate, you should combine both this place.

We grabbed a tuk tuk from the centre of town to the Pedro Tea Estate for Rs300 beacuse your regular driver can not drope you there.

The road to Lover’s Leap Waterfall took us through beautiful tea plantations and past little houses nestled in the hill.


6. The Tea lovers heaven - visit of A Tea Factory :


It is hard to recommend any particular tea factory, as it would take weeks for me to explore all of them.

Most of which have an accompanying factory and tea rooms for visitors.

If you’re wondering what to do in NuwaraEliya when it rains, then I suggest you head to a tea factory and fill up on delicious cakes and tea! 

Most of the tea plantations in the area seem to be pretty much open access. 

One of the main reasons that people visit this area of Sri Lanka is to visit one of the many tea plantations.


7. Hakgala Botanical Gardens :


What is Special ?

The Hakgala Botanical Gardens are believed to be the highest altitude botanical gardens in the world. 

This gardens are full of roses and orchids and other plant species.

You can smell fresh flowers and admire the natural beauty in the Hakgala Botanical Gardens as it is one of the top activities to opt for in NuwaraEliya.

Due to the comparatively low annual temperature of this region of the country, those who manage the garden have been able to grow some incredibly rare species of plants.